How To Find The Perfect Boudoir Photographer

It is your wedding. It is your anniversary. It is your birthday. Maybe it is just a Tuesday and you want to celebrate yourself (my personal favorite). Whatever the reason it is time to find the perfect boudoir photographer. I’ve been a boudoir photographer for over 4 years and a professional photographer for over 10. There is no perfect photographer, but there IS a perfect photographer for YOU. Here are some guidelines that are important to follow when beginning your search for your boudoir experience. These rules should apply whether you are looking for a Los Angeles studio like mine or anywhere in the world.

Find a Photographer Whose Pictures You Already Love:

During my career, I’ve had women message me and say “I love this other photographer, can you take pictures like them?” It is incredibly difficult for a photographer to mirror someone else’s pictures. Our images are influenced by our studio space, the lighting we love and even our life experiences. Trying to replicate a style that another photographer has formed over the years is incredibly difficult, and you will likely be disappointed when the images you receive are a watered down and less creative version of what you were hoping for.

Look At a Photographers Blog Posts, Not Just Their Portfolio:

It can be easy to get lucky on 10 images. Most of have a few iPhone selfies that look like you paid a lot of money for that quality. The key is to find a photographer who is consistently amazing. It will ensure that you receive an album full of pictures that you love, instead of just one or two that make your jaw drop. So, make sure you check their blog for full galleries of past clients.

Check Their Reviews:

It should be pretty easy to check Yelp! or Google, even their Facebook page for reviews. Most photographers also have testimonials on their website. Take the time to read through and get a feel for what the experience will be like through the eyes of someone else who has been through it. Look for the topics that you connect to. Did the photographer make them feel comfortable? Were the albums more beautiful than they imagined? Did the studio feel comfortable? This should give you a better idea of what your boudoir experience will be like. 

Make Sure You Are Comfortable With Your Photographer Before You Book:

At the very least have a phone call with them, but I recommend meeting them at their studio before you make your final decision. Boudoir can be an extremely vulnerable experience, and the only way to get the very best pictures is to be comfortable. If you can’t meet them at their studio do a Skype or Google Hangout. 

Find Someone Who Responds Quickly:

You will want an open line of communications for all of your questions. Most women haven’t ever had a boudoir shoot before and to know that you can count on your photographer will make the whole process much much easier.

More is not always better:

Photographers offer a range of products and options. I believe in quality over quantity. You don’t need 150 average pictures with 17 outfits. You need 30-40 amazing images in the best outfits for you. If you spend all of your time changing into different outfits, that is less time shooting and getting great pictures. 

Timeline For Getting Your Boudoir Pictures Back:

Often times your boudoir shoot will be a gift and have a deadline of when you plan to give these amazing pictures, for instance a bridal boudoir album as a wedding gift. Make sure you know how long it takes to print your boudoir album so you can make sure it will be delivered on time! Albums at Sasser Stills Boudoir take about 3 weeks to come in, but I can do a rush that delivers your fine art boudoir album in just 3 days. Hopefully, you haven't waited until the last moment, but if you did I've got you covered. 

Some Other Things To Take Note Of:

Ask if the studio space is included. Some photographers have to rent a hotel room and pass on that charge to you. Ask if hair and makeup are included. I believe hair and makeup are a key part of the experience. Sometimes it is included and sometimes it is not. Either way, make sure you have all the answers before you jump in for this very exciting experience!

Hopefully, this will help you prepare and will give you the tools you need to find your perfect photographer. There is no one perfect photographer, but if you ask the right questions you will find the perfect photographer for you!

I would love if that photographer is me. You can send me an email to ask some questions and find out if we are a match!

Single Sexy Stassi - Vanderpump Rules Boudoir Video

Single Sexy Stassi - Vanderpump Rules Boudoir Video

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A Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot, Both Soft and Sexy in Los Angeles

A Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot, Both Soft and Sexy in Los Angeles

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Boudoir Wedding Gift - Orange County Boudoir

If you ever needed an excuse to get a boudoir photographer experience, a wedding gift is the best one that I have found. I believe boudoir is something every woman should experience, and it doesn't have to be for a special occasion. I understand it can be hard to get yourself to inquire. Is it vein, what if I just want to do it for myself? This way you can put all of that aside. I have an entire post talking about WHY this is the best possible wedding gift. 

It even has some photos of the grooms so you can see the grin on their faces as they open the boudoir album. I guarantee they are smiling bigger than if they received a watch. 

boudoir wedding gift orange county boudoir