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Allison has NEVER SHOT VIDEO! She sent this within 24 hours of downloading the course!

"Firstly, OMG! I mentioned I was looking at getting the video course, and I did!!! I don't know what took me so long, seriously the best money I've spent in a long time. I've been dying to do video for my business for years. But never knew how to do it, how to direct the client, or how to edit it just how I wanted. But I JUST did! My client was so excited and most importantly much more relaxed then usual because I felt so in control of the process and it was fun to have a good laugh and just mess around with no expectations" 

Camera settings for filming boudoir photoshoots


  • My signature 4-step process to creating an engaging video that will sell

  • 11-step shot list to guarantee amazing posing and compelling video

  •  Nailing the perfect camera settings

  •  How to choose the right gear

  •  How to find the perfect song

  •  step by step editing from importing your clips to exporting your movie on both MAC and PC

  •  Getting your videos on Instagram to WOW potential clients

how to make a fusion video for boudoir


Video Testimonials: How to capture powerful client reviews that establish you as a trustworthy professional to potential clients

  • Instagram: Use social media to reach a larger audience

  • Hosting: Choose the best platform for where your videos can be seen (either for selective delivery or to be viewed by the most number of people possible)



  • STAND OUT  Set yourself apart from the competition and give potential clients a reason to remember you 

  • BOOST your sales with a highly sought after, unique offering that is quick and easy to create

  • INCREASE your bookings through emotive client testimonials and behind-the-scene footage

What Photographer Are Saying!

"OK so I did a crash course on your video guide (meaning I speed read it before I shot my last video and again right before I edited). Seriously-- already incredibly helpful! I never received any sort of formal video training or education at all, so the fact that I was even offering videos "on the side" was kind of an embarrassment. I have an incredibly long way to go, but just following a few of your tips, especially editing, made a HUGE difference. Oh and I totally stole one of your song recommendations that was perfect. Great guide! I truly love how to-the-point it is! It's very 1.2.3. as opposed to a lot of conversational fluff to fill it up. Well done!"

- Kara Marie Boudoir

"I just wanted to thank you for your video course I purchased back on Friday. After only watching your segments on MUA promo shooting and editing, and with the help of the included ebook, for sourcing music, I created this dreamy little video using your tips and suggestions. This is the first video I've made using a DSLR. Your tutorials gave me the inspiration to just go out and shoot. I found your course to be all killer and no filler! I love how the tutorials waste no time and just dive right in to the important stuff. So thank you for that. Thank you again, Michael. Can't wait to dive in further to the actual Boudoir part! I feel like I got my money's worth already!"

- Malcolm

If you still can't make awesome videos after watching, the course is on me!


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