Ms. V and Her Blue Shirt

I asked Ms. V to write a few words about what her experience was like. It is fun for me to talk about the way I see each client and the experience, but I think it is even better to hear it right from them.

"I had thought about doing the shoot in my hometown of Fresno, CA but just never had the time or money to do it. I am in a relationship that I felt I wanted to do it for him and for myself. It was something I wanted to do to show I am comfortable in my body and proud of my body. I also wanted to show him I can also be sexy and fun. He knows but it is rare for us to get “sexy” with one another. 

When I was shopping around for photographers my must haves was that they had to have their own space, a makeup artist was included to doll me up and I wanted the photos to be amazing. The last one was kind of an afterthought but after much research and consideration, I chose Sasser Stills Boudoir. 

From the moment I walked in I just felt comfortable. Granted I am pretty easy going I still was incredibly nervous to start. That really went away when we all started talking and getting to know one another. Michael made it so easy to talk and relax and he took the time to show me beforehand what to expect. It was amazing. As the shoot progressed I was saying something and I was not quite understanding what he was trying to convey to me. Finally, I stated, “Move me how you need me.”  It worked out perfectly and he would move my arm or move my hair or head, it just made it one less thing to worry about. 

I knew I would be in awe of what I saw but after seeing some of the photos he took three minutes in I was totally in shock. I loved to see myself all done up and beautiful in a different way. It was still me but it was this weird (but amazing) out of body experience. 

I ordered my album and sat and waited patiently. I had actually forgotten about it when I got this box at my door. I was like I didn’t order anything from Amazon this week. Puzzled and perplexed I opened it and was delightfully surprised when I saw it was the album. I flipped through the pictures of me seeing how amazing it looked. I stashed it under the bed out of prying eyes waiting for Christmas. That lasted about two weeks and I felt I had to show my boyfriend. 

I gave it to him at the dinner table. He was confused and opens it. He was clueless until he opened the album and saw the pictures of me. He just could not believe it was me and how good I looked. He could not stop talking about it for days after. Overall, it was the best experience of my life and it helped me get past a lot of negative feelings I had about myself. "