25 Perfect Boudoir Outfits

I know I know, this the scariest part.

You are probably saying... "I don't have ANYTHING to wear for this kind of thing." That simply isn't true. Here are 25 perfect boudoir outfits ideas for you. I'll bet you even have some of these in your closet right now, and if you don't I've got a list of my favorite shops at the end of this guide that is to die for!

Do you have something special and you don't know if it would work? A special piece of jewelry, a sentimental shirt or unique outfit? I would LOVE to hear your ideas! To get that creativity flowing, download this guide first. 

Boudoir Outfit Ideas - Los Angeles

Here are a few sample pages of the guide. It is packed full of what to wear for your boudoir shoot. Everything from casual shirts to super sexy one piece teddys and body suits. The beautiful thing about boudoir is there is no proper outfit. There is no perfect image, and it is not for any specific type of person. You can wear anything from a wedding veil to a white bedsheet. This guide will give you some inspiration. 

BONUS: I've put a few of my favorite shopping spots for lingerie at the end. You DEFINITELY want to check these out. 

All photos in this guide have been taken by me, so you can see the amazing variety that is possible, no matter your outfit, shape, size or anything else!

Button Up shirt boudoir ideas
Teddy and Bodysuit Boudoir Outfit Ideas