Sasser Stills Boudoir - Client Testimonials:

- Mrs. K


Hey Michael!

I know we talked a lot about it day of, but I wanted to reiterate what a life changing experience this was for me. You truly shifted my perspective -- in just 4 hours! :) What a wonderful service you provide. My friend & sister were FLOORED by the pics & are now waiting in anticipation with me for me to show them to my husband next Wednesday. They were most impressed by how much the images looked just LIKE ME and I can't agree more. Reflecting back, I realized that the things about my body I'm not crazy about were always THE LAST things I noticed in the photos, if I even noticed them at all. Basically, I'm gorgeous, perfect just as I am, and for the first time in my life, I understand how my husband has seen me for the last 20 years.

Thank you thank you thank you!

- Mrs. W

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the boudoir experience and let you know what your work meant to me. If you recall, when we first spoke on the phone I told you my reasons for setting up this session was because I was finally at a weight I was happy with, and wanted to commemorate my weight loss. But then you asked me why I felt so self-conscious when we were there, and up until that point I hadn't asked myself that question. Why (besides getting half-naked in a room with a stranger) was I self-conscious about a body that I was purportedly now proud of?

I realized that answer is actually the real reason why I decided to do this photoshoot. I saw your photos and I wanted to feel as confident as those women looked. I wanted femininity to be a strength, not a weakness and wasn't quite sure how to get there. In my academic and professional life, I have long suppressed my femininity to be taken more seriously in the workplace. This led to a perspective that appreciation for makeup, artistic expression, and self-care were impractical and would somehow compromise my strengths. I now realize that view is entirely untrue, and how you view women and their positive attributes should also be the way I embrace my own attributes. 

I am so grateful at how professional you were and the lengths that you went to to make me feel at ease. Your body-positivity and thoughts on the psychology behind it helped me reach this epiphany that I should not try to hide or suppress my femininity; rather that it is a strength and I should embrace it. I've been thinking about this very moving experience deeply in the last couple of days, and was almost incredulous that I looked exactly the way I hoped I would in your photos. If it's possible, I would like to return at a later date to purchase more of the digitals now that I'm more comfortable with the idea of ME looking like THAT. Thank you again, I really appreciate what you do and your awesome work. 

- Mrs. A

Boudoir Photography Shoot in LA

I've wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot as a gift for my husband for a while now but like many women, I was not ready to commit to something so "scary" even though I knew my husband would treasure this gift forever. When I finally decided it's now or never, I did extensive research of the boudoir photographers in the OC/LA region and settled on Michael based on his clients' reviews, his website, and Instagram photos. Ladies, I did the research for you ;) I appreciated that Michael photographed an array of women with a variety of body types and they all look absolutely gorgeous. On the day of the shoot, I felt very at ease with Michael. He is skilled at making you feel beautiful and comfortable. He took effort to ensure I felt welcomed before and during the shoot. I have no tips or advice for Michael because the experience/photos I received were just that amazing. If you have been contemplating doing a boudoir shoot, do it. You'll honestly regret not doing it and I HIGHLY suggest working with Michael.

- Mrs. D

Mrs. D's boudoir shot

"I am the least sexy person there ever was.  I am goofy and sarcastic, and if I ever find myself in a situation where I have to "turn on the sex appeal" I usually end up rolling on the floor laughing because I feel so ridiculous.  Getting boudoir photos taken was something that had never really crossed my mind until my wedding planner suggested it as a gift for my future husband.  Sure, I had seen boudoir pictures before and thought they were beautiful, but I never thought that could be me.  Fast forward a couple months and I am in Michael's studio lounging on the bed with no clothes on, like its my job!  What changed?  Michael.  He is absolutely amazing at what he does.   Throughout the process he was a therapist, a cheerleader and a teacher.  When I was shaking like a leaf for the first few photos, he coached me through it.  When I was clueless how to put on thigh high tights, he taught me.  When I had no idea how to be sexy, he was there to show me how.  Needless to say the photos turned out better than I could have ever imagined, and its all thanks to Michael.  If you are considering boudoir, don't think, just do.  Michael will lead you the way!  I am so thankful that I found him and made the leap into boudoir."

- Mrs. E

confident boudoir pictures

Omg! Michael is such a sweetheart! Ladies!! A boudoir photo shoot with this guy is a MUST! I never thought I could do it, but with Michael's help anything is possible. I love love him!! Doing the photoshoot with him is soo much fun, my "nervous " level was thrown out of the window after couple of shots. If you are looking for a great photographer for your sexy pose CALL MICHAEL SASSER!!! Great deal, great photographer, super fun. You will love the Confident NEW YOU after working with him. Thanks Michael ! I will definitely recommend you to all the ladies out there!

- Mrs. S

- Mrs. B

classy black and white boudoir in a nightgown on the bed

Ahhh....boudoir shoots! Something most of us want to do, but aren't sure where to start or what to do. Do I look good enough? Am I comfortable enough? The celebs make it look easy, right? Well, let me tell you that Sasser Stills will make you look and feel like a celebrity! Michael is so professional and absolutely amazing! He knows how to use lighting and positioning to make you look like the most amazing version of you! My pictures turned out to be so much more than I expected and my husband (who has everything) thought it was the BEST. GIFT. EVER! I loved working with Michael and highly recommended him to anyone who is looking to be photographed by the best!

- Ms G

beautiful real authentic natural boudoir portrait taking off underwear

I have always hated having my picture taken so I'm not entirely sure why I decided to have a boudoir shoot done as a surprise gift for my now ex-husband but I did. I wanted two things: Beautiful REAL, not overly photoshopped pictures and a male photographer. I truly feel that what women may think men find attractive is not always the case and I wanted a man's opinion. After researching many, many photographers in the Denver area I knew I wanted Michael the moment I saw his pictures. They are perfect, real and not over the top.

His lovely friend and makeup artist listened to my concerns and made my face and hair look beautiful while still me (I sadly can't remember her name but she was a delight.) He responded promptly to all my anxiety-ridden emails and really took me seriously. I brought in a ton of clothes the day of the shoot and we laughed and joked as we went through them and he really sets you at ease. We listened to music and had fun the entire shoot which made it feel less like taking your clothes off and more like just spending time with a friend.

After my shoot I ordered a book and sadly, two days later my husband left me. Michael was so understanding in helping me cancel my order and patiently waited until after my divorce was final and I had saved up my money again to finally purchase my pictures. 

I can not recommend him enough. He's kind, considerate and has an amazing eye. Even I, who am generally not a fan of myself, love my pictures and think I look incredible. You are doing yourself a disservice having your shoot done with any other photographer.

- Mrs. K

Michael is the best in the biz! Truly. He made what I thought was going to be a special gift for my soon-to-be husband a gift of confidence and fun for me! He showed me how to pose and created a space where I felt 100% comfortable and gorgeous. He is talented, kind and genuinely loves seeing people love themselves. His photography is sophisticated and elegant and mood-evoking and cool. I'm recommending him to friends who are getting married and friends who have had babies alike! Anyone who is looking to give an unexpected, personalized gift or simply see the beauty others see in you already, you will be in the best hands with Sasser Stills. Both my husband and I will cherish these photos forever :) Thank you, Michael!

- Mrs J

smiling boudoir portrait nude in white sheets on the bed

Michael was wonderful for my first boudoir experience! From the beginning he made you feel comfortable and gave guidance through the whole shoot. I had no idea what I was doing, but it didn't matter with Michael's expertise. Overall, it was a great experience and I would recommend Michael any day!

- Mrs. A

- Mrs. S

Sexy yet classy boudoir review

Like I'm sure many people feel, I was a little nervous going into this. I cannot say enough how grateful I am for this experience with Sasser Stills Boudoir. It was absolutely amazing!! I was self-conscious, and Michael talked me through each step making it very easy the entire way through. I've never seen myself look so sexy, yet classy. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. Michael is very professional, funny, and he made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire session. I can't wait to show my husband my pictures, and I definitely plan on doing this again!!

- Ms. L

Black and white luxury boudoir

Michael Sasser is nothing but AMAZING. He makes you feel so sexy and confident about yourself and always comfortable. He directs you through all poses, makes you laugh and smile. The studio is awesome! It's gorgeous and he works so well with the lighting and just overall makes everything work! So amazing. He just makes everything so easy and perfect! I refer him to everyone I can! I've done a few shoots with a few different photographers, but I can truly say that Michael understand me and knew exactly the "look" that I wanted to make photos come out sexy. When you see his work done on yourself you will be so amazed and wonder if that's really even you!

- Mrs. H

I just wanted to say thank you for making my first boudoir experience amazing, turned out even better then I could've imagined. I will definitely be back in the future. Thanks for your time and making it such a comfortable scenario for me. Seriously, you're amazing! Smiling from ear to ear right now.

(After gifting the album) I get teary eyed just thinking about how great of a day my wedding was. And he loved the book, totally shocked and started blushing I was told! The gift turned out just so great and his reaction was the best. He even keeps it on his night stand.

- Ms. K

Best boudoir in los angeles

Q: How do you know you've found the best boudoir photographer in LA? A: When you see that other photographers have chosen to have him do their boudoir photos!

I'm a boudoir photographer based in Denver and I had Michael Sasser do a session for me for my 29th birthday. I had never done a shoot with a male photographer before so I was a tad nervous. I wasn't sure what to expect, as I'd only been shooting with female boudoir photographers in the past.

Michael was super helpful managing my nerves at the beginning of the shoot. He made the studio feel safe and welcoming and I remember laughing a ton. His demeanor is approachable and never judgmental, and I liked how he modeled the poses before putting me in them.

I had a blast shooting with him and I absolutely loved the images -- still do, two years later! I couldn't recommend him more to anyone looking to have their boudoir photos taken. You won't regret choosing Sasser!

- Mrs R

OMG where do I begin. Best experience ever!!! This was probably one of the best experiences ever, and I would recommend every women do this at least once in their life.I am getting married and thought a boudoir album would be a good wedding gift to give my fiancé during the honeymoon. Not only did I leave this shoot feeling sexy and super confident, but I was so pleased with my photos. I still can't believe my photos and poses turned out as amazing as they did.

Let me start by saying I consider myself a confident woman so I didn't come to Michael worried that I would not get decent photos. However, I did come with apprehensions about whether Michael would capture the right angles, and whether me trying to be sexy would look funny. I wasn't sure if I could make a "sexy face" in my photos because I don't normally pose that way.

I decided to go with Michael because, well to be honest, his reviews were really good. I wanted someone that was professional. I wanted to make sure my photographer would coach me through every step without making me feel awkward. I definitely made the right decision!

Michael was extremely professional throughout my entire shoot. Before my shoot, he was sure to find out what I wanted and what poses were important to me. I was comfortable the entire shoot and Michael was really positive.I remember expressing a concern about my hair and he even put me in touch with the hairstylist so that we (hairstylist and I) could figure out beforehand what my hairstyle would be. Not to mention I ended up hiring her for my wedding. =)

During my shoot, I had so much fun! Michael literally directed me through every single pose (everything from how to hold my fingers, to the shape of my mouth). From time to time he would show me some of the photos and all I could say was WOW! I grew more and more confident with each shot. My friends (who I brought along for the shoot) were speechless. All I could hear were oooo's and aaaaaa's the whole time.

After the shoot, my friends and I were speechless as we looked at my pics. I am not exaggerating when I say I am in love with ALL of them! Michael even captured a photo of me laying across the floor on my back, I loved it so much I ordered a big wall print photo. I am literally laying on my back and the sunlight is coming through the window hitting my face and body in all the right places. Toes are pointed, stomach is flat, and my back is arched. It is beautiful and I can't wait for my fiancé to see it! I still can't believe it's me.

- Miss M

Mrs. M's boudoir shot on floor

Shut the front door!!!!! Is that me???!??! Hahaha oh my GOSH!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!! I'm still on top of the world!!!! 

I'm seriously buzzing!!!!! I can't wait to share this experience with everyone!!! I feel so great right now! I have never felt like this! I've just never seen that side of myself. I forgot what feeling sexy felt like. Maybe I never really knew. 

My sister says she already wants to book a session with you!!! She said she will call you soon and book it for her anniversary!

I'm not kidding at all! I seriously always thought of myself as "sexier" when I used to wear a tight dress or a bikini something... But I've been so detached from that kind of thing and I have found this new side of who I am recently,... And these photos SHOW THAT! They're ME! Like 100% not overdone totally me photos. 

- Mrs. N

amazing boudoir experience in los angeles

Absolutely amazing experience! I recommend him 110%!!! He is super amazing at what he does! The experience was so true to everything I read on his website. Before booking my shoot I can say that I was definitely hesitant. I wasn't sure if a male boudoir photographer was the best idea, but after talking to him on the phone and various FaceTime sessions I knew he was the perfect person for the job.

Michael makes sure to understand exactly what you want from the shoot. He sends you a questionnaire to get an idea of what you're comfortable with and what you're not which to me was super important. Through the questionnaire I felt like it gave me a bit of a glimpse of what to expect.Once I arrived at my shoot I felt right at home. His apartment/studio space is absolutely beautiful! He definitely has great taste in home decor.

He welcomed me with open arms and made the environment feel super safe. It definitely helped with allowing me to have fun with the shoot! Don't worry if you don't know what you are doing because he will help you throughout the whole process. He knows what he is doing and what will work. Just trust him.

So if you haven't already, book him now! You won't regret it!

- Mrs. G

Mrs. G's boudoir shot

So I was having girls night in last night and we looked at the pictures and the consensus is that if my friends were lesbians they would date me. I think that says a lot.

I think the white tank ones will be his favorite. The ones where I put on heels turned out great too. I feel like such a boss! I have already referred you to two of my girlfriends who should be contacting you for boudoir pics!

I've never been so in love with myself and I am dying to show him! It's taking more willpower than I've ever had to keep it from him! I just can't believe how amazing the pictures look!!

(After gifting the album) We are now on our way to the honeymoon. Just wanted to tell you the album was a HUGE success!! Thanks again!


Mrs. C

overweight boudoir portraits in los angeles

Michael was great to work with! I was very nervous to A) be taking boudoir photos in the first place, and B) to be taking them with a male. But, Michael was very professional, respectful, and encouraging. I felt beautiful through the entire shoot! 
I had the pics done for a wedding present for my husband. He LOVED them! The book that the pics came in was stunning! Extremely high quality! Also, seeing Michael's work come together was amazing. He really made me look beautiful in the photos, while still ensuring that it looked like me. (No extreme photo-shopping here!). 
I will absolutely be a repeat customer!

- Ms P

Where do I begin?! Shooting these photos with Michael was such an amazing experience. He made me feel so comfortable and it was so much fun! Michael has a phenomenal way with the camera and playing with light,  and he is a total pro when it comes to posing you in the most flattering angles. Plus, he's just a joy to be around and makes it feel like you're hanging out with a friend who happens to have a camera. 

I'm very picky about how I look in photos (no joke, I'm extremely critical) but when it came time to look at which pictures I wanted for my album I couldn't even narrow them down! Ladies, look no further if you're looking to do a boudoir session. I can't recommend Michael enough. I'd give 6 stars if I could.

- Mrs. F

beautiful short hair boudoir picture wearing a robe

This review is going to be long but TOTALLY WORTH reading it!! This shoot was beyond anything I could have imagined. I have been searching for a boudoir photographer for 3 years. I wanted a certain style and to be comfortable with the photographer. I wanted to feel sexy without looking trashy. I wanted this experience to be done the right way. After 3 years of waiting, I got the chance of a lifetime and it was so worth the wait!

From the moment I walked in the door, I felt special and like I deserved this. I have my own business and a toddler and this was much needed "me time". Hair and makeup was incredible! I felt beautiful and pampered. Then it was time for photos and just like many women, I was nervous! Nervous in the best way possible! I was prepared to be giggly from all of the nerves and the fact that I can't make a sexy face (or so I thought)!

Just like many women I never thought about a male photographer but I have been following Michaels work for a while now and knew he was the only guy I would trust to take these kind of photos. I have watched his videos and got to know him through his social media. Y'all, that is so him! He is incredibly open, he made me feel comfortable within minutes of actually meeting him in person. We laughed throughout the entire session and now he feels like a good friend of mine. I was 100% comfortable during my entire session and I contribute that to Michael putting himself out there to let us know him.

He walked me through the steps of sexy face and then showed me some of the images, HOLY CRAP!!!! SEXY!!!! Who knew I could do that?!?! He walked me through all of the poses and never made me feel like I was doing something wrong. He was encouraging and so reassuring through the entire shoot! He showed me images throughout my session and it helped me feel confident and sexy! I'm still walking around with a confidence that I didn't have before the shoot. The session was incredibly fun and empowering! I can't wait to do another one!

Not only was the photo shoot AMAZING but you HAVE to do a video!!!! The entire video experience was beyond sexy! For the first time in a LONG time, I felt sexy! While I originally wanted to do this shoot for my husband, this was just as much for me!!
I can't thank Michael enough for this shoot!

- Mrs R

Mrs. R's boudoir shot on floor

Michael! Yesterday was so amazing. Thank you for helping me with my posing and getting such amazing pictures. I can't wait to see them!!

(After seeing the photos) I want all of them printed on a canvas, and hung throughout my whole house!! I can't stop looking at my pictures. My mom came by and saw some. She started crying she thought they were so beautiful. 



- Mrs. S

Mrs. S's boudoir shot in black

How do I say thank you (without writing my usual novel) to a MALE boudoir photographer for making my second boudoir experience better than the first with a female photographer. Let's just get it out there from the start, I was terrified to meet you. Those feelings immediately vanished within minutes... you're funny, laid back, charming, a real person. Then there's your studio... are there enough words to describe how beautiful your boudoir studio is? Beautiful dark wood floors, clean modern furnishings, sun-drenched windows with flowing curtains. The entire experience was amazing... from your help selecting the perfect outfits (a true win based on the sheer volume of choices I brought lol) and stunning hair and makeup. Every minute was a dream! Your expert posing and tips on how to look sexy for the camera were so helpful and the proof is in the pictures. I plan to share with everyone. A boudoir sessions is truthfully one of the best gifts you can give yourself along with your significant other! I couldn't recommend anyone more for the perfect experience and amazing, artistic and sexy images!

- Mrs. B

Jewelry and bling for your boudoir photo shoot in los angeles

Michael is absolutely amazing!!! I had an amazing experience shooting with him. I got my hair and makeup done in his studio while sipping on some wine. I got to relax, chat and we went over my outfits and discussed ideas! That beginning process helped me get comfortable! While shooting it was so much fun. I never felt uncomfortable or anything. It's hard to put into words just how great the session was and how amazing I felt afterwards!! So rewarding! Highly recommended!!!

- Miss K

smiles are sexy in this boudoir portrait in venice california

Michael is amazing to work with and makes a woman feel so empowered and comfortable in her own skin. I arrived on the day of the shoot a little shy and not 100% confident about my body, but none of that was even remotely on Michael's radar. Extremely friendly and endearing, he asked what kind of music I liked and proceeded to crank it and sat to talk with me through hair and makeup like we were old friends. Michael really gets to know his clients before he shoots them and that shows in his work-it's so personal and fully captures the personality of what makes his clients tick. I would work with Michael again in a heartbeat!!! It's awesome to see him succeed!

- Mrs. S

Mrs. S's boudoir shot

You took a possibly uncomfortable experience and turned it into the most fun and incredible experience!

After being referred from a co-worker, me and two of my girlfriends thought this would be such a fun thing to do for ourselves and our men. Once we locked down the date, we were so excited! You reassured us this is supposed to be fun and not to be nervous and let me just say, the whole process from planning what types of pictures we wanted, what we wanted to wear and then the shoot itself, was SO MUCH FUN! The day of, we started to get a little nervous since this is something none of us had ever done before. You made us feel incredibly comfortable, like we were old friends. After just a few weeks wait we got to come back, pick up our finished product and WOW it was worth everything!!! You do such incredible work, I can't even believe I could look like that! 

All in all, this is something I think every woman should do and it was especially fun to do it with a few girlfriends. Thank you for an incredible experience and for something we get to keep forever to remember how hot we were at one time! We had such a great time and I would love to be able to have you do photos for me again (hopefully in the near future) :)

- Mrs. C

Michael has a sublime gift for what he does and truly provides you with a once in a lifetime experience. My girlfriend and I did a boudoir session together and Michael was our photographer last month. We both agreed that Michael made us feel incredibly comfortable and beyond sexy. In a setting and experience you may potentially expect to be uncomfortable - it was so much fun and not uncomfortable in the slightest. We want to do it again sometime in the future because it was a fantastic experience. I can't tell you how many times he showed me a shot he took of me off the back of his camera and I would say, "Is THAT ME?!?!" :)

Michael's studio is beautiful and is a perfect setting for this type of shoot. It is intimate so that you feel comfortable, and very professional so that the best images can be captured. 

Additionally, Michael has a very artistic eye and uses light in a unique and flattering way. He works your best angles and features in an exclusive manner to create stunning photographs. I looked through a hundred or more boudoir photographer sites (and I'm not kidding, there are that many to look through) in the Denver area and Michael stood out far above the rest of his competition. His photos don't look campy, unrealistic, or very overdone like most of the photographers I researched. 

If you are looking for aesthetic and elegant boudoir photos, I highly recommend Michael. If you are looking for an amazing experience that will leave you feeling fabulous about yourself, I highly recommend Michael.  And, if you are looking for a wonderful photographer, I would highly recommend Michael.

Thanks Michael! Monica and I will be back :)

- Mrs. F

one piece lingerie and smiles in this los angeles boudoir photo shoot

Most women get boudoir photos done for a special someone, which is great...But, after shooting with Michael I think every woman should do something sexy for herself! I can not say enough about Michael's professionalism, talent and sincerity. He truly loves his work and approaches it with an artistic sensibility. Initially, I was drawn to his style and his talent as a photographer. His photos feel classy, beautiful, sexy, and romantic. But, I was shocked to discover that you're getting more than photos when you choose to shoot with him. You are getting an experience. Michael really has an amazing way of making you feel comfortable in your own skin. You leave with photos you love, and a sense of power and confidence that you can carry with you forever. Every woman should experience their own beauty, and Michael will capture it in photos and moments you won't forget.

- Ms. E

Black woman boudoir portrait taking off bra

I first discovered Michael's pictures on Instagram and thought his posts were nothing short of stunning. The women in his photos looked confident and sexy and I wanted to look like that too. So I shot him an email, he gave me a call and we set a date. The day of the session I was super nervous, because I wasn't sure what to do or what to expect. But Michael made me feel relaxed and comfortable and by the end of the session the pictures came out beautiful. By the time I had to choose which ones I wanted for my own personal canvas I couldn't decide! He made me look beautiful, confident and sexy all I can say is Thank you Michael! Your simply Amazing!!! I will be coming back again!!

- Mrs. B

Mrs. D's boudoir shot sitting on white chair

Before the session I was a bundle of emotions: anxious, nervous and so excited. I always knew having boudoir photos done was on my "bucket list" but once the day of came I still couldn't believe that I was finally going to do it. The though of having a male boudoir photographer never crossed my mind but it gave me so much more confidence during the shoot because who better to know what a man thinks is sexy right?!

After the session I was on cloud nine. I was so thrilled about how everything went and I felt like the sexiest woman on the planet! I was already planning on when I could do it all over again - Definitely no long just a "bucket list" item :)

After seeing my photos I couldn't wait to gift them. I would peek at them every chance I got when my husband was out of the house because I could hardly believe they were me! Fortunately I didn't have to keep them a secret for too long!

His reaction was priceless. He couldn't believe it was something I would do and he loved every one of them. The album turned out better than I could have pictured - so beautifully done. Thank you again for everything - the whole experience far exceeded anything I could have imagined!

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