Orange County Wedding Gifts | Giving Your Groom a Boudoir Photo Album

As your wedding day approaches, you may find yourself scrambling to iron out every detail. With all the chaos going on, you might be dragging your feet on deciding what to get your groom as his wedding gift. It's like trying to figure out a good Christmas or birthday gift... times 1,000. With such an important gift for the most important day of your life, why settle for anything less than the most exciting and special gift you can give? Let me explain to you why a boudoir photography session would be the best gift your husband-to-be could ask for.


Why a Boudoir Photography Album Is So Special

This gift is as intimate as it gets. A boudoir photography session is more than just a sexy shoot producing images that will turn your man on. It's something deeper. It is an intimate secret you can give as a gift; it's showing you are willing to take down the walls and bare all for the sake of a beautiful photo to be shared with no one else. He will be pleasantly surprised by your bold, brave beauty and impressed by your expression of love. It is a gift of your confidence and trust. A handmade gift is always touted as being more thoughtful than something store-bought. With this, you can take it a step further and give the most personal and thoughtful gift possible. See the photo shoot of a woman I shot who decided to give her husband a boudoir photography album.


The Gift That Keeps Giving... To You, Too!

Along with being a unique gift your husband will literally never forget, I cannot stress enough the benefits of a boudoir photography session in general. Your relationship may undergo a new surge of sexy intimacy that can be revisited any time you review the album with your husband. But what is more important is the renewed sense of confidence you will feel that your groom will see. When women come in to my Los Angeles , CA boudoir photography studio, they leave changed. There is little as empowering as a boudoir shoot. It is always tasteful but makes you feel edgier and more alive than you may have felt in years. You will feel beautiful and fierce as the powerful woman you are is drawn out while I capture it from behind the lens. Your groom will never expect this bold move. Both you will both appreciate this “newfound you”.


Choosing the Right Photographer

If you decide to surprise your groom with this special gift, be sure to do your research. These days a lot of wedding photographers are starting to offer taking your boudoir pictures. You must remember that this is not their specialty and they probably won't be able to illicit the same raw feelings, emotions and poses you need going on behind the lingerie. Another consideration is who specifically is photographing you. I may seem biased, but I truly believe a male boudoir photographer is able to get images females won't (check out my post about choosing a male boudoir photographer,) especially if you're wanting the most exciting gift you can give your groom.


There is nothing as special and unique as an intimate boudoir photography album for your groom on your special day. Along with being a great wedding gift, there are so many other benefits to doing it, as well. I assure you: you will not at all regret taking that first step to contact me so we can get to know one another and book our session together. Congratulations on your big day! I'll see you soon.

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