Beach Boudoir in Oahu, Hawaii | Adventurous Ms. A

When in Hawaii

Los Angeles has some beautiful beaches for boudoir photography, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to photograph someone while I was in Hawaii! There is something so exotic on the islands. I think it has something to do with the volcanos being right on the water. Maybe it has to do with the history of the islands. Maybe it's because ukuleles are sexy. Whatever the reason, I couldn’t resist. Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting boudoir in the studio. Photographing at a destination is just something else. We did this shoot in Oahu on the east coast of Waimanalo. It quickly became my favorite spot because of the ultra blue water and amazing greenery. It was like Christmas in July.

Personalize Your Boudoir Shoot

Ms . A has an adventurous heart loves the outdoors. She hikes and stand-up paddleboards and everything else that Oahu has to offer. It's no wonder she wanted to do her boudoir shoot on the beach. It is great to bring a little of your own personality when doing boudoir photo shoots. Do you like dark a moody? Are you always giggling? Do you feel sexiest in a t-shirt? We can tailor your boudoir experience for who you are, and what you want. This is just a peek into what we photographed.

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