Boudoir Video: What's It Like Having a Boudoir Shoot?

This was a very exciting day for everyone. Miss J was coming in to have an amazing boudoir experience, and I knew we were going to make a behind the scenes video about what that is actually like. Have you ever wondered… What is a boudoir shoot actually like? The truth is that it is a lot more fun that people expect. It is not one sexy pose after another and that is all. It is a fun, empowering, exciting and mentality changing experience that every woman should have. 

I wanted to share with you what a boudoir experience is like, from beginning to end. I wanted to share tips on what to wear during your boudoir shoot. I wanted to show you why some women might do a boudoir session for themselves, and why you should too!

“Being a nanny and working in offices I don't really get man opportunities to explore my sexy side and remember that I am indeed a sexy woman and desirable. 

No one comes in knowing how they are supposed to pose, or how to make that sexy look with their face. I teach you! Watch for a few tips and more. 

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