Boudoir Video Blog: Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer in San Francisco

This weekend I took a trip up the coast to San Francisco. Have you ever been? The city is AMAZING! The bridge is unimaginable. The light is to die for. I have a little something special for this post. I have been making these daily Video Blogs. Some call them Vlogs, some call them Video logs... Whatever you call them, they are a documentation of your day. If you love videos, check out the other boudoir videos I have done!  

I love shooting when I travel. New locations, new people, new light always inspires me! Miss E was nervous for her shoot like everyone else. She talked about what made her self conscious, I talked about what made me self conscious. We created some amazing images and threw those negative thoughts out of that beautiful window! Watch this video to see a little behind the scenes of the shoot as well as some other fun from the day.

If you have more questions about what a boudoir shoot is like, I HIGHLY recommend downloading the welcome guide. 

How much FUN is that?! After you finish watching take a look at the amazing images we created.