5 Minutes of Video

Enjoy 5 minutes of the Boudoir Video Course. This is just a fraction of what is covered in this 9 video course. 

What else is included in the course?

Easy - Beginner - Editing

Promo's For Your MUA

MUA Photo

The more you give, the more you get. Not only does a video of your makeup show even more of the experience, which is so important in building trust with your clients. But it also gives your makeup artist a way to show off your work while also showing off hers! The more people raving about you and your work, the better!


What if you could learn to edit a boudoir video in UNDER 30 MINUTES?! You only need to learn 10% of an editing program to create beautiful videos, and I'm going to show you everything you need, while leaving out everything you don't. Editing is the biggest reason that photographers don't start shooting video. I take away all the mystery and show you in iMovie, Final Cut, and even Davinci Resolve!


Client Testimonials

Guaranteed to book you more photoshoots. The number of women that mention seeing my testimonials and it giving them the confidence to book with me is overwhelming. Do yourself a favor a put a few of these on your website, then watch as your inquiries and bookings go up. 

Endless Possibilities!

I've used video to shoot promo's for other businesses, for client testimonials, for album reveals, to record myself talking about my business and a thousand other things. This is truly a lifetime skill that will put you leaps over the competition. 


This Entire Course Includes:

  • 7 part (2+ hours total) instructional videos taking you through how I shoot compelling videos that clients want to buy.

  • Editing Tutorial for both MAC and PC on how I cut together promos in under 15 minutes.

  • Gear video showing what I use and the right gear to buy, from microphones to 3-axis gimbals.

  • 39 page eBook

  • BONUS: Intro and Advanced iMovie Editing courses - $40 value!

If you don't feel you've learned how to get started after watching, the course is on me!