Sharing Knowledge: Boudoir Workshop in Southern California

It’s hard to explain to someone the fierce motivation I have when learning something new. Usually only my close friends and families see when I take up a new hobby (aerial video is a current one) and it consumes my thoughts and time for months. I love to learn and that is exactly what I did this weekend. There were so many amazing speakers teaching everything under the sun. It was a 3 day adventure that was going to be helpful for everyone.

Speakers at workshop

As much as I love learning, I love passing on what I have learned to others. I've been a part of the Associate of International Boudoir Photographers for a few years now, and this year I was asked to teach at their retreat in beautiful Ojai, California. 

Photography and makeup at workshop

As a photographer there are things about others work that I especially like. It may be one person’s lighting, another person’s posing. I often am told that photographer’s love my boudoir videos so that is what I taught about. We had students from all over the country. Washington D.C., Houston, Boston, Connecticut, and even South Africa!

Teaching boudoir video at workshop

I’ve taught many things, many times, but specifically how to create a boudoir video? This was new territory. How do you explain the subtleties of choosing the right song, changing the light, following the details of what makes a woman sexy, showing the difference between empowered and submissive? I had an amazing time teaching all of these things and have already been sent first tries from the students. I now have an online course that covers everything in detail from camera settings to directing your clients! You can download the boudoir video course here. 

Providing instruction at workshop

One of the greatest things we can do in this world is share our knowledge. I’m looking forward to the next chance I get!

Swimming in pool at workshop