Mrs. V Gives a Bridal Boudoir Album as Her Wedding Gift in Los Angeles

The Wedding Gift

There are many reasons women want to experience a boudoir shoot. Since opening up the Boudoir Studio in Los Angeles, one of the most common reasons is for a wedding gift. Mrs. V wanted to surprise her husband-to-be with an album that would make him blush on their wedding day. That is exactly what he did!

Not Just a Gift for Him

While getting her husband a gift might have been the little push she needed to pick up the phone and call the studio, it is rarely the partner who gets the bigger gift. After her session, Mrs. V wrote

"Absolutely amazing experience! I recommend him 110%!!! He is super amazing at what he does and everything on his website is exactly what I experienced.

Before booking my shoot I can say that I was definitely hesitant. I wasn't sure if a male boudoir photographer was the best idea, but after talking to him on the phone and various FaceTime sessions I knew he was the perfect person for the job.

Michael makes sure to understand exactly what you want from the shoot. He sends you a questionnaire to get an idea of what you're comfortable with and what you're not which to me was super important. Through the questionnaire, I felt like it gave me a bit of a glimpse of what to expect.

Once I arrived at my shoot I felt right at home. His apartment/studio space is absolutely beautiful! He definitely has great taste in home decor.

He welcomed me with open arms and made the environment feel super safe. It definitely helped with allowing me to have fun with the shoot! Don't worry if you don't know what you are doing because he will help you throughout the whole process. He knows what he is doing and what will work. Just trust him.

So if you haven't already, book him now! You won't regret it!"

Mrs. V chose to only share anonymous photos. Privacy is very important to me, and only the photos you specifically choose will be shared. 

I would love to hear from you! Are you getting married? Do you have someone special in mind to do a shoot for? Are YOU that someone special? Send me an email and let's talk!

Hair and Makeup by Jenna