Be Your Own Kind Of Sexy

This is the Boudoir Experience that throws your doubts out the window and leaves you feeling beautiful and empowered.

I believe that Boudoir is your permission to be sexy. The women on this website are not models. They are moms, nurses, adventurers, introverts and everything in between. Boudoir is for you.

I am known for

  • Making you laugh during the shoot
  • Creating images that have a sexy edge, but also a hint of innocence.
  • Changing your mind about the parts of you that aren’t your favorite
  • Making husbands very happy spouses
  • Teaching any woman to give an even better look than Blue Steel!


Watch what a boudoir shoot is like!

So, you are reading this and are probably thinking… I’m a little nervous, but excited... But really nervous. And that is totally okay! In fact, I think that adds to the fun of the experience.  As soon as you see that first picture on the back of the camera it becomes one of the most fun experiences you will have. To hear more about what boudoir is all about, click here!


So I was having girls night in last night and we looked at the pictures and the consensus is that if my friends were lesbians they would date me. I think that says a lot.

I think the white tank ones will be his favorite. The ones where I put on heels turned out great too. I feel like such a boss! I have already referred you to two of my girlfriends who should be contacting you for boudoir pics!

I've never been so in love with myself and I am dying to show him! It's taking more willpower than I've ever had to keep it from him! I just can't believe how amazing the pictures look!!

(After gifting the album) We are now on our way to the honeymoon. Just wanted to tell you the album was a HUGE success!! Thanks again!

Before the session I was a bundle of emotions: anxious, nervous and so excited. I always knew having boudoir photos done was on my "bucket list" but once the day of came I still couldn't believe that I was finally going to do it. The thought of having a male boudoir photographer never crossed my mind but it gave me so much more confidence during the shoot because who better to know what a man thinks is sexy right?!

After the session I was on cloud nine. I was so thrilled about how everything went and I felt like the sexiest woman on the planet! I was already planning on when I could do it all over again - Definitely no long just a "bucket list" item :)

After seeing my photos I couldn't wait to gift them. I would peek at them every chance I got when my husband was out of the house because I could hardly believe they were me! Fortunately I didn't have to keep them a secret for too long!

His reaction was priceless. He couldn't believe it was something I would do and he loved every one of them. The album turned out better than I could have pictured - so beautifully done. Thank you again for everything - the whole experience far exceeded anything I could have imagined!

- Mrs. B

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