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I get it--starting your own business (especially one as intimate as boudoir photography) is terrifying! But what if you could spend a whole day immersed in a virtual mentorship with a six-figure earning boudoir photographer who can teach you about client experience, building trust, how to price yourself, and how to pose with confidence?  

What is included in the course?


That sinking feeling you get when your brain goes blank, and you have no idea what pose to do next? I've totally been there, sweaty palms and all! I put together this 50 minute posing video with a real client so that you can hear the exact words I’m using to get dramatic and perfect poses every time (cue the epic album sales!)

Up-selling Almost Every Client

Pricing Your Work

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Whether you've never charged a dollar for your photography or you're averaging $1500 per client, I'm going to walk you through my pricing guide step by step to show you how to increase the amount you're making on every single session.


To increase your year end goals, you could either photograph more clients or you could make more from each client that you photograph. I've come up with a way that will almost guarantee your clients purchase more photographs then they were planning on when they walked in the door.

"Your system is GENIUS" I just finished a sales session where she spent $300 more than the package we originally agreed upon. That almost never happens! - Danielle, Evoke Boudoir


Being a Male Photographer

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Being a male photographer has a few extra challenges, so I've made a 20 minute video specifically going over 10 of most important things to be aware of as a male in this business. If you're wondering if it's possible to run a successful boudoir studio as a guy, I'm the proof.

All The Business


There are three business Q&A videos covering everything from where to shoot when you don't have a studio, to what I would have done differently when I started, to how to build comfort even while they are getting their hair and makeup done.

What Photographers are Saying!

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I break down every element of building a foundation for your company, including:

  • How to set up photoshoots even with a non-existent portfolio

  • How to build trust and excitement for the shoot during hair and makeup

  • Setting expectations to give you more leeway with posing and getting sexier images

  • How to cultivate a comfortable environment so you can capture sexy images your client is dying to purchase

This Entire Course Includes:

  • 32 Page eBook with everything you need to get your boudoir business started, or to the next level.

  • 13 videos and 4.5 hours of video discussing business and exactly how I shoot and work with my clients.

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