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The Boudoir Accelerator Course is a step by step 32 page eBook, 13 Video, 4.5 hour video course by photographer Michael Sasser on how to build a foundation for your business to get started with boudoir, how to price your self, how to pose with perfection, and how to set yourself up for success. In the video you can watch how I build huge amounts of trust, walk through my entire client process, and allow women to get the most out of their experience to yield the best possible photos.


As a male photographer I overcame some of the challenges that face men in this industry. This is why I created a specific video dedicated to answering questions like how to build comfort from even before they email you, how to compliment the right way during the shoot, the differences between shooting as a male vs as a female and so much more. Are you fearful of the awkward silences that could happen with your client? Are you scared of accidentally crossing the line of professionalism? Are you scared of what people will think of you in this career?

I was too when I first started, but after over 200 clients, I'm sharing all that I've learned. What if you had access and answers to all the questions women have asked me over 5 years of boudoir photography to help ease their hesitations, and create a brand that really stands out in Los Angeles.


I break down every element of building a foundation for your company, including:

  • The 5 ways to build trust on your website

  • How to set up photoshoots even when you don't have any work to show

  • How to build trust during hair and makeup

  • Setting expectations to give you more leeway with posing and getting sexier images

  • How to grow their comfort zone to get sexier images that clients will be dying to purchase.

What Photographers are Saying!

Boudoir Testimonial2.jpg

"I learned so much from this course! All the questions and concerns that I had prior to taking the course were addressed. It really takes the mystery out of that "first shoot' Dilemma, and helps to avoid common pitfalls by building shooter confidence. That confidence translates into better images and a better experience for the client. 10/10 and highly recommended for anyone new to this genre. Thanks Michael! - John C

"Thank you so much Michael!! I loved the new posing video. My mind is whirring with all these new exciting ideas now. You rock" - Vivi L

Video Content includes:

  • Hair and Makeup

    • The best way to use before and after pictures

    • How do you choose a hair and makeup artist

    • Should it be required

    • A look into my makeup artist dialing in the perfect look with our model.

  • The Business Q&A: EP 1

    • What if you don't have a studio

    • Male vs Female boudoir photographers, which is better?

    • Dealing with varying light conditions

    • My view on strobes in boudoir photography

  • The Business Q&A: EP 2

    • How to deal with objections to being a male boudoir photographer

    • How to respond when they ask to bring a friend

    • How can a wedding photographer add boudoir to his offerings

    • How videos on your website can help you book more

  • The Business Q&A: EP 3

    • What would I have done differently when I started

    • A look at my albums and the company I use

    • How I present my packages and pricing

    • What to do if your client isn't okay with Nudity

    • How to get started, even when you don't know what you're doing

  • The Photoshoot: EP 1

    • Picking out the best outfits

    • What to do when they are changing

    • Teaching posing at the beginning of the shoot

  • The Photoshoot: EP 2

    • The very first picture

    • What if you have trouble getting the picture you want

    • The difference between stationary and movement poses, and when to use each

  • The Photoshoot: EP 3

    • How I decide on a pose

    • How many images I try to get in each outfit

    • How quickly should you move through poses to avoid awkward silences

    • How I learned posing

  • The Photoshoot: EP 4

    • How to get variety in each pose

    • Shooting perspectives, is it better to shoot up or down on your client

    • What to do if there is a nip slip

  • Wrapping Up

    • Going over images from the day

    • How to work with clients who feel awkward in front of the camera

    • Things to be aware of when photographing curvy women

    • How do you address photoshop in your business and when a client asks for it

    • The end of the shoot: What happens after you're done taking pictures

  • 25 Best Selling Poses

    • The poses I use in almost every shoot to guarantee I make a great sale

    • Behind the scenes of me instructing the subtleties of each pose

    • The why behind the poses so that you can apply these techniques to any pose

  • Pricing Your Work

    • I walk you through the pricing guide that I actually use

    • Adapt this pricing guide to where you are at in your boudoir business

    • How to up-sell almost every client by giving them credit

  • Up Selling Through Same Day Sales

    • How same day sales instantly made me more money

    • How to get clients to purchase more pictures than they were planning almost every time

    • How I design my albums in under 1 minute

  • Boudoir For Male Photographers

    • The Dangers of Being a Male Photographer

    • Complimenting The Right Way

    • Men Vs. Women, The Differences

    • Being a Professional

    • How and When Do You Build Comfort

    • During the Photoshoot

    • How to Handle Awkward Silences

    • Finding Your Why, Your Purpose for Boudoir

    • How to Not Hinder Yourself

    • Final Words of Wisdom



Why do I need this Course?

  • Boudoir is a booming industry, with more and more women looking to have the experience. Moms, doctors, lawyers, teachers, wedding gifts, anniversaries and so many other reasons are encouraging women to have this life changing photoshoot.

  • You can make a real impact in someone else's life, while being successful and doing what you love.

  • This course gives you all the tools to get started, even if you have never photographed boudoir before.

  • Go on an actual photoshoot with Michael and see how he gets such natural and beautiful portraits with anyone.

  • Learn in a format that is extremely easy to consume, skip through, or focus on only the parts that you need to get to the next level.

This Entire Course Includes:

  • 32 Page eBook with everything you need to get your boudoir business started, or to the next level.

  • 13 videos and 4.5 hours of video discussing business exactly how I shoot and work with my clients.

If you don't feel you've learned how to get started after watching, the course is on me!


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