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"She was one of the rare ones, so effortlessly herself, and the world loved her for it."

Award winning and celebrity boudoir photographer Michael Sasser coming to Oahu for only one week!
*Featured in Elevated Luxury Life Hawaii Magazine*



Mrs. W

"I am the least sexy person there ever was.  I am goofy and sarcastic, and if I ever find myself in a situation where I have to "turn on the sex appeal" I usually end up rolling on the floor laughing because I feel so ridiculous. I never thought that could be me.  Fast forward a couple months and I am in Michael's studio lounging on the bed with no clothes on, like its my job!  What changed?  Michael.  He is absolutely amazing at what he does."


Mrs. G

After researching many, many photographers in the I knew I wanted Michael the moment I saw his pictures. They are perfect, real and not over the top. I can not recommend Michael enough. He's kind, considerate and has an amazing eye. Even I, who am generally not a fan of myself, love my pictures and think I look incredible. You are doing yourself a disservice having your shoot done with any other photographer.



Mrs. K

"You made us feel incredibly comfortable, like we were old friends. When we pick up our finished product and WOW it was worth everything!!! You do such incredible work, I can't even believe I could look like that! Thank you for an incredible experience and for something we get to keep forever to remember how hot we were at one time!"






Hello, I'm Michael

I'm a giver. I'm a teacher. I'm a coach. I'm your new pair of glasses. All of the women in my life, from my mom and my sister to my closest female friends, are nothing short of incredible, and I know you are, too. You so selflessly give and love and, sometimes, get so caught up in others, that you forget to take a minute to appreciate yourself. Well, I'm here to help you appreciate you. As a photographer,

I always get the question “Why boudoir?” and the answer to that is simple really. Boudoir doesn’t just empower you, it empowers me, too. It gives me the chance to go beyond words.

I get to be a part of the process of showing, not telling, a woman how truly remarkable she is. 

To me, Boudoir is an acceptance of ourselves. It's the realization that we had it in us all along. The person we want to be and the person we are is the same, only we have to look at ourselves differently. 



It may be hard to believe, but sending the first email is really the hardest part. After that I'm here to take care of the rest. It is natural to be nervous, to be afraid of looking silly but I direct your every pose and expression to show off your best self. 

A boudoir session the best gift that you can give yourself. The bonus is surprised your s/o with an album of gorgeous photographs. You are going to have an amazing time and will want to do it again!


The signature boudoir experience begins at $495 including hair and makeup. With all of your amazing photographs you'll want an album and or a piece of wall art!


G e t   i n   t o u c h

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