The D.C. Workshop

Upgrade Your Business on April 14th


- Boudoir Video -

You'll learn how to create videos that will enable you to higher sales, book more, and elevating your brand.
You'll learn how to film client testimonials to put future clients over the edge to book with you.
You'll learn how to be one step ahead of the rest of the industry.



Watch me shoot and talk about how I pose every client, whether thin or curvy, tall or short, photogenic or not. 
Everyone will have a chance to take pictures and get live critiques to improve your work!


- Same Day Sales Sessions -

Learn the key to up-selling your client to increase or sales average by up to 30%
Save hours of time with each client to increase the amount you make per hour, and get more time for the important things


I will do a 15 minute portfolio review for attendees, recorded and uploaded for you to continuously have.

- Ask Me ANything -

No topic is off limits. I'm hear to make sure you succeed with whatever you need help with!



Q: How much does it cost?

A: $395

Q: How do I pay for the workshop?

A: You can send the money via PayPal, Venmo or Square.

Q: How large is the workshop?

A: Only 6 photographers, so sign up quick!

Q: How long will the workshop be?

A: Around 4 hours

Q: I'm not a full time boudoir photographer/I've never shot video. Is this workshop still for me?

A: Maybe! This workshop is for people who have experience shooting and want to improve their boudoir work and business. If you've never shot video, we will be starting from the beginning, you will do great.  If you've never shot boudoir, some of this might go over your head. Either way there will be a TON of information that will help in lots of ways. 

Q: What kind of gear do I need to bring?

A: Your camera and your favorite lens to shoot with. I recommend prime lenses, with 50mm being my favorite for boudoir. Zoom lenses work great too. If you have more questions on gear send me a note and I can go over everything with you. 

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