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All Digital Pictures
300.00 1,250.00
  1. JULY 23RD IS THE DEADLINE. Your gallery will be uploaded and downloadable for you starting the week of July 24th, and will go offline and into the digital recycling bin on July 31st, never to be seen again :(
  2. After July 23rd, I will not be able to take any more orders. This is so that I have plenty of time to organize those images that need to be uploaded. As a reminder, digitals do include the right to print, and to use for personal use (holiday gifts, a personal shrine to yourself, social media, emails, screen savers, websites, billboards, magazines... (actually, let me know if you choose to do the last two ;)).
  3. YOUR GALLERY WILL INCLUDE ALL of your final digitals images from your session, even the ones that you have previously purchased, Usually between 60 and 80 images total. It is easier this way.
  4. PAYMENT OF $300 is due via Credit or Debit card by July 23rd! An invoice will be sent once you confirm that you would like to participate. Late payments will not be accepted. July 23rd is the hard deadline for payment.
  5. IMAGES ARE AVAILABLE AS-IS. This means that they are the fully edited images that you saw during your viewing with me (no cellulite or rogue pimples), but that further editing requests will not be able to be accepted. You know that your images are gorgeous, so this shouldn’t worry you.
  6. THE DELIVERY OF IMAGES will be via an online gallery, password protected. You will receive a link the week of July 24th with your full gallery available for download. Images will disappear on July 31st, no exceptions.