Boudoir video course for photographers

Boudoir Video

Create amazing videos for higher sales, booking more, and improving your brand.


"Michael oh my, I'm so glad I found you! I love your boudoir videos. This is just what I wanted to learn for my business, my heart is STILL pumping! - Jonah

"Man that was just what I needed. Very thorough without being too long. Easy to understand. I NEED this! Thank you so much!" - Donna

What is Boudoir Video Course?

Boudoir Video Course is a step by step 7 video series (2 + hours total) + supplemental 39 page eBook by photographer and cinematographer Michael Sasser on how to shoot compelling, emotive and engaging videos that will help you get higher sales, book more, and increase your brand.

I break down your first professional video in just 4 easy steps. First, I show you which gear is best. Second, I show you how to shoot stable, clean footage. Third, I give you a mobile shot list that makes sure you never miss a key shot. Fourth I show you how we cut together a sample video with the right song in just 25 minutes! For both PC and MAC! Don't be left behind without the tools to set your business apart!

Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules

Allison has NEVER SHOT VIDEO! She sent this within 24 hours of downloading the course!

"Firstly, OMG! I mentioned I was looking at getting the video course, and I did!!! I don't know what took me so long, seriously the best money I've spent in a long time. I've been dying to do video for my business for years. But never knew how to do it, how to direct the client, or how to edit it just how I wanted. But I JUST did! My client was so excited and most importantly much more relaxed then usual because I felt so in control of the process and it was fun to have a good laugh and just mess around with no expectations" 

Included 37 page eBook covers everything you need.

  • My 4 rules to creating an engaging video that will sell!

  • 11 step shot list to guarantee amazing posing and compelling video

  • Perfect camera settings

  • How to choose the right gear

  • How to find the perfect song

  • Step by step editing from importing your clips to exporting your movie.

  • Get your videos on Instagram to book more clients!

Camera settings for filming boudoir photoshoots
how to make a fusion video for boudoir

Just Added!

  • Video testimonials - The most powerful way to build trust with a perspective client.

  • Instagram - Use social media to reach a larger audience.

  • Hosting - Choose the best platform to get your videos seen by the most people.

Why do I need this Boudoir Video Course?

  • An extra hour of video work can equal up to an extra $1000 income per shoot!

  • Video will build more trust that clients need in order to increase your booking rate.

  • Making videos for other vendors (wedding dress stores, makeup artists, lingerie shops) will increase your referrals!

  • Learn to film testimonials, the most powerful tool when building a new clients trust.

This Entire Course Includes:

  • 7 part (2+ hours total) instructional videos taking you through how I shoot compelling videos that clients want to buy.

  • Editing Tutorial for both MAC and PC on how I cut together promos in under 15 minutes.

  • Gear video showing what I use and the right gear to buy, from microphones to 3-axis gimbals.

  • 39 page eBook

  • BONUS: Intro and Advanced iMovie Editing courses - $40 value!

"I just wanted to thank you for your video course I purchased back on Friday. After only watching your segments on MUA promo shooting and editing, and with the help of the included ebook, for sourcing music, I created this dreamy little video using your tips and suggestions. This is the first video I've made using a DSLR. Your tutorials gave me the inspiration to just go out and shoot. I found your course to be all killer and no filler! I love how the tutorials waste no time and just dive right in to the important stuff. So thank you for that. Thank you again, Michael. Can't wait to dive in further to the actual Boudoir part! I feel like I got my money's worth already!" - Malcolm


If you still can't make awesome videos after watching, the course is on me!


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